Our Policies

Codes of Conduct 

Harpenden Netball Club members, coaches, umpires and volunteers are expected to adhere to the codes of conduct set out by England Netball. 


Club Constitution 

Our Club Constitution is agreed each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and sets out our values as a club and our vision for the future. 




Harpenden Netball Club follows the Safeguarding Policies as defined by the England Netball Association. 


Our Safeguarding Officer has attended the 'Time to Listen' course, inline with England Netball guidelines and is fully aware of the reporting procedures recommended by handling Safeguarding concerns. 

There are a number of policies that the Club adheres to which can be found here:

- Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy

- Adults at Risk in Netball Policy

- Inclusion Policy

- Social Media Policy

- Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy

- Taking photographs and use of images Policy

Welfare and Equality

Harpenden Netball Club follows the Equality Policy as defined by England Netball

Maternity and Long Term Injured Policy

Our policy below is relevant for those on maternity or who have a long term injury.